When Knowledge


Passion & Performance

Come Together...

Something Magical Happens

When Knowledge, Wisdom, Passion & Performance Come Together... Something Magical Happens

By hiring and partnering with Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Bobo, you will have someone who can help you grow as a person, a business professional and help you achieve your goals and dreams. A winning team needs a good coach. Any person who is serious about accomplishing great things in their personal or business life must have the proper strategies in place.

Our Story

Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Winter Bobo have backgrounds as mental health therapists, social workers, and human services with national certifications in Anger management, substance abuse & relationship therapy. “Doc and Winter” have honed their skills to motivate audiences who are often hard to motivate. With their engaging, and fun personalities, they connect with her audiences immediately and deliver content that individuals can immediately use.

Their knowledge and ability to effectively communicate has helped them and others earn top recruiting and income earning accolades. Dr. Jerry & Winter Bobo accomplishments, passions and abilities have been recognized on a local, state and federal level as well as receiving positive news coverage. Most recently Dr. Bobo received the honor of being recognized as one of the New Tri-State Defender’s Men of Excellence Awards.  This dynamic couple has been featured on News Channel 3, The Daily Memphian, and The Business Journal and other well-respected publications. 

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