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Can you imagine if professional sports had no coaches? Do you really think the majority of football players would choose to have two-a -day practices, or basketball players would choose to run wind sprints until they drop? While there certainly would be some players who would, of course, do it on their own, the majority would not. That’s why they have coaches. How about the military? Can you imagine showing up for boot camp and being handed an instruction manual? How many people would have the discipline, confidence, belief and know-how to do it on their own and get up at five o’clock in the morning and run 5 miles? Not many. That’s why they have drill sergeants and leadership throughout their service in the military. Your favorite actor or actress has a acting COACH. Every professional singer has a voice COACH etc. Now, let’s talk about you. Do you have the self-discipline, the self-motivation, the right attitude, the confidence, and the know-how? If yes, great…if no, that’s okay. In either case, a coach can always improve YOUR situation & circumstances!

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